They killed time playing cards.

The athletic meeting has been postponed until the first fine day.


I went running past them.

We're here to support Dimitry.

Did you watch the presidential debate?

We're just waiting for something to happen.

In my experience, it takes one year to learn French grammar.


Skip is used to that type of situation.


The adrenal glands secrete adrenalin.


Can we just start over?

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I tried to save him.

I'm fascinated by cats.

How about Friday?

Without advice, you would have failed.

The parents are responsible for the education of their children.

What happened to the money?

Perhaps I shouldn't have told Syed anything.

Helge and Walt are waiting for the bus.

I speak some English, but unfortunately I don't understand much.


She pulled a rope.


They were ready for action.


Tracy works for a hospital.

Jenine saw a mouse.

Her name then was Agnes.

I will have to write a letter to explain this.

I don't owe Niall anything.

Tornadoes are very destructive.

Physical books take up way too much space, so I read with my eReader and my smartphone.

Skef found Jennifer very friendly.

This work is simple enough for me to do.

Every summer, we go camping.

He was doubtful at first but soon came to embrace my advice.

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She thrilled to his saying so.

We've finished.

We were farmers.

You need an entry ticket.

The springtime of life is short.

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I've always done it that way.

We will meet again.

In a similar situation, the company was held liable.


Please visit me.

I gave my old clothes away.

What does Martin want us to do?

I caught him in the act.

Time is pressing, and quick action is needed.

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Earnie went to Edmond's house that night.

His silence surprised me.

Stu won't like that.

He is an influence in politics.

If her temperature goes up, send for the doctor.

What time did you get up this morning?

Did anyone see you on the beach?

Angela Merkel is in favor of austerity.

Fasten your seatbelts.

I wish I could speak English as fluently as you!

I love books.

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You are what you eat.

It's always a good idea to arrive a few minutes early.

I don't know why I reacted the way I did.

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I can teach you how to steal.

Anatoly didn't stop talking.

I'm sorry, but your names aren't on the list.


There is not a ray of truth in it.


I've lived a long time.

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What can I do?


We bought a used train car.

I'm pretty sure Kiki won't eat that.

Kerri broke that.

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I had my teeth examined at the dentist's.

Do you use all this stuff?

She's a determined woman.

What happened, Sally?

Many consumers are concerned about the health risks of genetically modified food.


That wasn't there before.


The milk will keep for two days.

She will clean my room.

They caught a lion alive.

He got what he deserved.

Elliot always wears shades.

Why is everyone laughing?

He could not leave the thing alone.

In 1943, Japan was at war.

Honesty is the last castle.

I agree with you to a degree.

Ron was on TV.


Pace yourself.

I'm 19.

I've been waiting for love to come.


Are those my slippers?

They are sitting at the table.

She acquired credit with in the town.

Scot embezzled more than a million dollars from his company.

The express train is moving down the track.

What are you going to eat for dinner?

I have a son and a daughter. He is in New York, and she is in London.

Darryl died in strange circumstances.

That would be really cool.

He is suffering from a bad cold in the nose.

The bed is in the room.

Robbin was overwhelmed with nostalgia when he went back to visit his old school fifty years after he had graduated from it.

He's quite a character!


In Bali the primary directions are toward and away from the island's great mountain, Gunung Agung.

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I told you not to tell Marco.

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They're more than friends.

Never did I see such a fool.

Sanche is a famous pop star.

Poaching is illegal.

Both of Saumya's parents are teachers.

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Does depreciation of the yen give rise to inflation?

Jerome asked me if he could go home early today.

Losing injured their pride.

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I don't drink alcohol.

They call him Bruce.

The boss praised you for your good work.


Do you recognize anything here?

I didn't give Ian a choice.

If the universe is full of stars, why doesn't the light from all of them add up to make the whole sky bright all the time?

I'll take a time-out.

I wasn't accusing you of anything.

We want to capture all the uniqueness of each language. And we as well want to capture their evolution through time.

Where shall we go now?

There's a problem there that you don't see.

I didn't mean to wake him up.

So, where's the problem?

I took to her the moment I met her.

I've never liked the way foreign languages were taught at school.

Neil is eager to buy a new car.

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It never really ends.


He did not appear until about noon.

What's the worst case scenario?

I saw her a short time ago.

The air conditioner has got out of order.

This man is very, very old.


I jog through Central Park every morning at 6 a.m.

Tell him I'll call back.

Can you give Mechael another chance?

Kelly is an athlete with extraordinary speed.

If you don't want to be here, you don't have to stay.


I need to purchase health insurance.

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Don't forget that good jobs are very hard to come by these days.

We're really married.

Mitchell didn't impress me.


My budget is tight.

This room's toilet is dirty.

What do you think of her?

Why should you have to go with Kevyn?

Rajeev is desperate.

There were blood stains on the floor.

Boy, was I mistaken.

Bob said to his friend: "The bird is dead."

He pulled her a little closer.

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Do study here.


How old is Natraj?

It would be remiss of me not to mention the risks involved.

It is said that his father died in a foreign country.

We need to get away from them.

Come home right away.


Let's just end this.


The gaunt policeman had a bolt-action rifle slung over one shoulder.

The train was very crowded.

The lightsaber needs to be green.